With an objective to bring in a common forum for all the Plant Protectionists (the professionals, policy makers, researchers, academicians, technical staffs and businessmen related to this field), Plant Protection Society Nepal (in abbreviation PPS Nepal) was officially established on 28th March, 2003 (As of 14th Chaitra, 2059 BS). Initially, this initiative was taken by the pioneering plant protection professionals actively engaged in the plant protection disciplines of the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives. Later on, this society enlarged with its increasing number of plant protection professionals involved in other organizations such as research, academia, I/NGOs and private sector with its hundreds of active members. Being a professional society, the primary mottos are to bring all the plant protection stakeholders in a common platform for the constructive engagements so as to contribute the nation through different creative activities.

This society is non-aligned to any of the political, religious, racial, ethnical, regional, ideological bases rather intends to integrate all kinds of ideas which could be shared from young as well as pioneering plant protection professionals so that, contribution could be made for the betterment of the agrarian community as well as to the nation as a whole. In fact, this society is professionally loyal to the plant protection discipline so that new and new ideas and issues of plant protection areas can be shared through different functions like seminars, workshops, conferences, talk programs, idea sharing meetings in relevant forums including social media/networks. It publishes a Journal regularly along with some occasional papers. Plant Protection Society Nepal has already published 5 volumes of Journal of the Plant Protection Society Nepal. Ever since its establishment, the society has received warm patron-ship and caring support from the experienced plant protection professionals active in agricultural development, research and teaching.


  1. Effective interaction and promotion of support among scientists, technicians and entrepreneurs related with plant protection sector for the sake of the development of this sector and promotion of professionalism of the members involved in the society.
  2. Within the premises of Nepal, increase of awareness to the Government of Nepal and general public about usefulness of integrated plant protection, pesticide management and plant protection regulations, income generative activities under industrial entomology like Bee keeping, Silk Worm rearing, mushroom cultivation
  3. Establishment of coordination and support with existing professional societies within the country as well as extend the relationship with national and international plant protection organizations in favor of time.
  4. Provide the due respect to the involved members of society based on their contribution to plant protection sector development.
  5. Provide consulting services to Government of Nepal as well as other national and international persons, organizations and institutions according to their need.
  6. Organize different types of talk programmes and social media forums on policies and technological development on plant protection, pesticide management, plant quarantine, bee keeping, mushroom cultivation and silk worm rearing.
  7. Provide the environmentally safe plant protection technologies in consent of Government of Nepal.



  1. The scope of this society will be focused on the subjects in Plant Protection and industrial entomology within the premise of the country. It will promote the development, conservation and promotion about research and social as well as educational service activities.
  2. It will provide the financial support to its members as per its strength to support to participate for study, workshop, seminar etc.
  3. The approval will be received from local authorities before the activities carried on other districts.